Those who want to work as fashion designers need to participate in a professional program that will teach them the ins and outs of the industry. For that, the applicant has to be aware of the best schools for fashion design and how to apply to them. The majority of universities use entrance exams to evaluate applicants’ aptitude and creative abilities to choose the top candidates for fashion design admission in 2024. After paying the required money, the selected applicants who pass the fashion design tests at Fashion Design Colleges in Jaipur have their original papers verified and are then assigned a seat.

Admissions for Fashion Design 2024: The Selection Process

To get admitted to fashion design programs, students must take entrance tests in the field. Colleges may then choose applicants based solely on their academic standing. Candidates are chosen by looking at the academic standing of pupils who have completed their tenth and twelfth grades. A personal interview is another step that some universities take before admitting students to study fashion design. An aptitude test and a drawing test are often used as part of the admissions process for fashion design programs.

 How to Be Admitted for Fashion Design in 2024

The procedure for applying to the best fashion design schools in India is outlined below. 

Fashion Designing Qualifications 

The first step in applying for admission to any institution that offers fashion design is to review the requirements for eligibility, make sure you meet them, and submit any necessary documentation. While the qualifying requirements for fashion design may vary from institution to college, the following are some frequent ones:

To be eligible for a BDes in fashion design, students must have completed 10+2 or an equivalent program. It is advisable to strive for a minimum aggregate of 50% or more since several universities have such requirements. To be admitted to a postgraduate course in fashion design for an M.Des, a student must have completed their undergraduate studies. Students may have a 10+2 or similar for the fashion design diploma, however, sometimes a matric or equivalent is also accepted.

Any stream may pursue fashion design with no limitations. Students may come from backgrounds in science, commerce, or the arts. 

The majority of reputable universities have entrance test requirements that applicants must meet to be considered for admission.

Selecting the Appropriate Admission Tests

In rare instances, students must take certain admission exams to get admitted to the institution of their choice. Here is a list of a few of the most popular admission exams: 

NIFT entrance examination: For students who choose to pursue fashion design as a profession, it is among the best options. The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the test each year to choose applicants for the 18 NIFT campuses throughout the nation. There are two phases to NIFT’s fashion design admissions process. Initially, candidates must take the GAT and CAT exams, which evaluate their potential for innovation and design. Subsequently, the chosen applicants must show up for the scenario exam, which evaluates their proficiency in handling materials. 

Pearl Academy Admission Test: The Pearl Academy holds Pearl Entrance to choose candidates who want to major in fashion design. Students are required to take the GPT and DAT examinations, which measure their aptitude and drawing abilities, as much as the NIFT admission exam. The fashion design admissions process culminates with an interview round. This test is offered five times a year.  

CUET: CUET stands for Common University Entrance Test in its entirety. Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) administers it to students to admit them to central institutions across India. When completing the admission application form, students must choose the disciplines they would want to take the test in. 

 Putting In An Application For Admission To Fashion Design 

Students must register themselves using a working phone number, email address, or both on the official website of the admission test form they want to complete. The next step is for them to properly fill out the application form and submit all necessary and acceptable papers. They must fill out the application and pay the little application cost. To prevent last-minute rush or penalties, students need to be mindful of the application form deadline. To avoid any discrepancies later, the students should also take notice of how thoroughly they submit the scanned copies of the original papers.

Getting Ready for the Admission Test:

Candidates must next get ready for the top entrance exam and mentally prepare so they can remain collected and calm throughout the test. Although the examinations used by the universities vary, they often consist of comparable questions that assess students’ ability to draw and their aptitude for design. For the aptitude examinations, students must prepare questions based on general knowledge, mathematical skills, and logic and reasoning. Students are expected to prepare their sketching abilities, perspective knowledge, and color theory knowledge for the drawing exams. To assess their weak areas and have a sense of the range of questions offered, students must complete the prior year’s question papers. Students may use the following advice to get ready for the NIFT admission test.

Making An Appearance At The Entrance Exam

Students are required to show up for the admission test on the designated day and location. In the event of a discrepancy, the students are required to promptly notify the appropriate authorities after downloading and printing their admission cards. Students need to provide legal identification along with any additional criteria listed on their admission cards. To avoid trouble, the pupils must arrive at the location by the reporting time, if not before. Students need to be good time managers and make an effort to answer every question. Additionally, students need to confirm whether or not tests include negative markings and what exam patterns are special to them. 

 Engaging in the Counseling Process: 

Students must often visit the official websites after the test to stay informed about the results and the next steps in the counseling process. The chosen candidates must pick their institutions and confirm the authenticity of the supporting documentation. After the papers are verified, students must pay the college’s recommended fee to be accepted into the program.


Depending on their financial situation and available time, students may choose from a variety of fashion design courses offered in India. Applicants may review the courses available via the 2024 fashion design admissions procedure.