Matching the color of the walls with your furniture, decorations and other items may be a bit difficult. When choosing a sofa, you must select the color and fabric carefully. Although most of us opt for vivid colors and some extravaganza, do not forget the classic schemes. A gray tone may be exactly what you need. Check the following top reasons for picking a darkened sofa.

1. Gray is the definition of neutrality. Being a mixture of white and black, it becomes the most neutral tone you can have. That makes is available to support any surrounding color scheme. This means you can enhance any surrounding color, for example, red or blue pillows. Color schemes and tendencies change over time, but grey will always be there with its anchored support role.

2. It may provide a temper zone between extreme contrasts. A room full of contrasting colors can be too much for some of us. Sometimes, all you need to do to temper the area is to have a neutral tone placed between high-contrasting areas. A gray sofa is exactly what you need to keep colors under control.

3. It gives elegance to simple forms. We usually associate grey or black with a high degree of sophistication. So, even simpler sofa forms will look high-end and elegant in stark dark gray fabric.

4. Grey sofas can take “the backseat” of the room. Let’s say that you arranged a room to exhibit some personal collections. Or you simply want to draw attention to some objects, like a bed, a TV or something else. The good news is that a well-placed grey sofa will not draw attention to the focal point of the room.

5. Fits perfectly for small rooms. Small rooms are the hardest to decorate and to fill in with furniture. Pale grey nuances will keep the atmosphere airy and light. A sedate color works perfectly in opening up smaller spaces.

6. Gray sofas can be both traditional and contemporary. Grey works equally well in contemporary decor as it does among traditional interior styling. It is a highly versatile color that complements well modern style, while it can be easily added to more classic, vintage styles.

7. It is a long-lasting color. Buying a gray sofa is an investment, that will stand the test of time. Plus, as we have just said in a previous phrase, grey never gets old-fashioned.